And now for something completely different...Laser Tattoo Removal! 
I get to work with some really interesting businesses! Here's one I'm helping to launch. Do you have a tattoo you'd like to get rid of?
FREE Laser Tattoo Removal

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Our client is a new doctor-led laser tattoo removal clinic based in Buckinghamshire, England.  You will be treated personally by a highly qualified medical doctor using the latest Picosure laser technology. 90% of tattoos treated with Picosure are totally eradicated within 6 treatments.


Why are we offering tattoo removal for FREE?

Laser tattoo removal can cost over £1,200 (ouch!) and, because the tattoo needs time to fade in between treatments, it can take a year or more for a tattoo to completely disappear. The medical doctor in charge of the clinic is testing whether using safe, tried and tested, natural health products in conjunction with the latest laser technology speeds up the fading process.  We need people like you to take part in this trial starting in December 2016.

Your treatment will be completely free.  In return we will take photos and videos to document the process and we will want to share your success story* in the clinic's publicity including on social media and their website. (*You can choose to have only your first name used and to not show your face if you prefer.)

If you would like to be considered, just fill in your name and email below to start your application.  Places are limited.  You will receive full information on how to apply within a few minutes by email and you will have the opportunity to speak to us personally about the opportunity before the final selection.


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