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Action cures fear!

Posted on 14th April, 2016

Yesterday my teenage daughter had her first face-to-face interview for a job in a restaurant. She's had another job before, but she got that after just a telephone and video role play interview, so understandably she was a little nervous about this interview....what to wear?...should she shake hands?...will she be asked to carry a stack of plates (which she's not done before)?


We prepared by practising some questions, but then the time came for the actual interview.  In the car, she was super nervous.  More so than I'd ever seen her before.  Off she went...and she got the job!


I asked her how she coped with her nerves at the interview and she said that as soon as she started walking to the restaurant and it all started, the nerves went away and she felt fine.


The lesson:  It's normal to feel nervous about something we're about to do, but the best way to overcome it is by taking action, taking steps towards it.  Action cures fear!


Go on, give it a go.

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